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katie schwarz

                                           & coach for creative businesses and service providers who are fed up trying to fit into a brand or business model that’s out of alignment with your personality. She helps you through the work of building a profitable brand + biz that feels like you, honors your values & leverages your strengths.

Brand Strategist

& serial hobbyist

Meet Katie

katie is a brand strategist

Connect with Katie:

take the brand personality quiz!

- Katie Schwarz   |   Brand Personality Blueprint

& have prompted more growth than i could have anticipated.

The connections I've made have been invaluable

Growth in friendships, personal growth, social media followers, my email list, sales, clients - the whole shebang really.

What's going on in December?

Hot Seat: Ask Katie anything

- Katie specialized in brand strategy
       and creating a brand around
       YOUR strengths and personality
- Pick her brain about the message
       your brand is sending,
       alignment, and more

virtual co-working & Coffee dates

- Connect with members, share
       your wins, set goals for the
       month, have some face-to-
       face, quiet work time together!

workshop: How to rock your brand: start with you

- Using your personality preferences and
       functions intentionally in your brand
       and biz.
- with Mini Hot Seat style brand audits!

Instagram stories collaborative event

goal setting & check ins on the 1st, 15th & 30th

Secret Santa gift exchange!

Access to katie's paid brand specs course

- For the month of December

I'm so ready!

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katie's picks

black coffee

morning drink:

Starbucks Cake Pops

splurging on:

personality theory

current obsession:

binge watching IG Stories

low key pastime:

San Diego Zoo

fave family activity:

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terrica strozier

vanessa ryan

meg casebolt

kayla dean

kayla dean copywriting


the printed orchid

Event Stationery Designer

opt in for profit

Opt In Designer & Strategist

megabolT digital

SEO Strategist

brand style quiz

free opt in resources

free seo starter kit

Community win:

"I've loved the connections, support & growth opportunities"

Community win:

"I love it here. It doesn't matter where you're at in your biz or what you do, you totally fit."

kathryn coffman

danait berhe

lindsey johnson

jenn nash

nash franks creative

Brand & Squarespace Designer

fashionably frank marketing

Social Media Marketer

heart & vine Creative

Brand & Web Designer

verity & co.

Copywriter & Designer

ig flight plan freebie

Community win:

"Email list growth. Collaborations. Business friends!"

Community win:

"I feel so fortunate to have met each and every one of the women in this community!"

Community win:

"I've loved having the accountability and biz friends from the LBG!"

Community win:

"I've loved the amazing community & support from other creatives"

brand roadmap quiz

- Kathryn Coffmann   |   Fashionably Frank Marketing

have been incredible so far!

the workshops & guest speakers

[the launch brand grow] has been an amazing space

to have at my fingertips.

I'm so ready!

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liz strong

amy blackwell

franzine mackley

andrea layne

The Creative Spring

Online Business Manager

lux & Vita

Virtual Assistant


Artist & Business Coach

Breezy camper

Brand & Web Designer

productivity planner

resources list

weatherproof your biz

diy branding ebook

Community win:

"The LGB has been a catalyst for speaking opportunities for me."

Community win:

"The knowledge, value, honesty, openness & encouragement I've seen & received has been an invaluable investment"

Community win:

"I've become a major retailer nationwide AND I'm now helping other small business owners on a daily basis!"

Elizabeth Clark

erica cote

vanessa kynes

vanessa kynes, llc

Pinterest Strategist

Ahlem Art

Fine Art Painter & Illustrator

silver immersion, llc

Hair & Makeup Artist

pint. start up guide

wedding emergency list

Community win:

"I've doubled my email list, launched a course & made so many biz besties"

Community win:

"I've loved all of the branding and marketing tips from the community!"

Community win:

"I've loved the mastermind aspect of the LBG!"

Danielle Cooley

nox + quills creative

Graphic Designer

Community win:

"I've loved having the accountability and biz friends from the LBG!"

vanessa shepherd

kelly mcelroy

jelisa varnado

social pop co

Social Media Marketer

she's got vision

Pinterest Strategist

star castle studio

Meaningful Visual Magic

be your own ig manager

pinterest personality

hire a designer quiz

Community win:

"I've loved the help with scaling my business and finding new clients!"

Community win:

"I've loved being able to connect with likeminded people to learn & grow personally & professionally."

Community win:

"I've had meaningful (paid!) collaborations with members"

tara mosier

oregon lane creative

Brand & Web Designer

free brand style guide

Community win:

"I love the support! Members are always quick to lend a helping hand."

- Vanessa Kynes   |   Vanessa Kynes, LLC

I've doubled my email list, launched a course

since I've joined the LBG Community,

and made so many biz besties.

I wouldn't have had the confidence or the encouragement to launch without the LBG.

I'm so ready!

join for only $27/month!!

chrystien guyton

meghan russell

monica burnett

morgan stapp

morgan stapp design

Brand & Web Designer

willow craft co


poppy & Oak

Custom Curated Gift Boxes

branding & sales vault

Network Marketing Strategist

ultimate logo guide

download the guide

emotional power words

Community win:

"I love that someone is always able to answer any question I might have"

Community win:

"I love that the LBG is a community that's geared more towards creative individuals."

tessa williams

chrissy howell

danielle mah

cindy maka

cindy maka co

Health & Business Coach

the palmerton group

Business Strategist

c. howell photography

Brand & Wedding Photographer

the unbranded lifestyle

Brand Designer

resource list

biz analysis blueprint

printing guide & card

Tarsha McCrae

Creative Pursuit School

courses for profit

& so many more

I'm so ready!

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                      at a concert that neither of us particularly wanted to attend. After dancing together as complete strangers, I drunkenly (and super embarrassingly) chased down Kelly's best friend, got his number, and the rest is history!

Which goes to show how risk plays a major factor in our lives - I'm a BIG advocate of putting yourself out there and getting what you want.

Multiple businesses, kids, and states

lived in later and here we are, continuing to help creative entrepreneurs to build their dream businesses by taking the grunt and design work off of their hands.

We know what it means to work for yourself - we understand the ever growing To Do list, we've experienced the struggle of not being able to work on that To Do list because of all of the client work you have.

Which is why we started the Launch Brand Grow, Copper Kettle Co and Raising Abundance.

and we're so excited to

get to know you & your business

Meet the founders: Kyrsten & Kelly

it all began

Chase after the life that makes your nerves scream, but your heart leap.

I'm so ready!

join the lbg for only $27/month!!